Intercepting the pipeline at runtime

[INDENT]I am writing a test service,
to test a service that takes a canonical as input, and transforms the data and passes it via an XI adapter call.

To check that the right transformation has been done I need to intercept the internal document that is used to pass on the data to the XI.
The internal document is not published.

Is there a way of intercepting the pipeline at runtime and getting the contents of the internal document.

Anyone who has done this before, or any suggestions please. [/INDENT]

have you tried: pub.flow:savePipelineToFile
or pub.flow:savePipeline

This is exactly the same suggestion mentioned on his other thread:)

This suggestion doesnt help, as I cannot modify the service under test

If the IS version is 8.x then set the service property pipeline debug to true, this will capture the data at the entry point to this service. If you want to capture pipeline at one particular step in the flow then use the suggestion mentioned above.


If you cannot modify and add debug steps then there is no work around.Try it in DEV if possible for you and test to understand:

One option is to step through the flow with the debugger. Then you can save the pipeline at will at any step within Developer/Designer. Might be bit tedious but you can visually inspect the mapping as it occurs and save or copy/paste variable contents as needed.