Integration timeouts


we have just recently installed webmethods integration server 9.10, since we have installed it are user accounts are being timeout frequently and we have to log back in every 5 minutes, is their a setting that can be changed to amend this?

Thank you

Hi ,

You mean to say the users which you created in User Management ?

Also, are you receiving any errors in server/error logs ?


yes I am referring to the user I had created in user management under the security settings in integration server. We are not seeing any particular errors in the server/error logs, we just want our user to stay signed in for more than 5 mins without being signed out, then asked for the user name and password continuously to sign back in.

Thank you


Oh okay. I don’t think there are some setting for this. However, even you put setting then that will impact to all users(which are invoking webServices,Flow services etc) which is not recommended as per my knowledge.

Request you to please check with Software AG Global support team for same issue i believe their might be some fix for this issue.



yes you would end up changing the session timeouts instead which is not what we want to do, no worries and thank you.