Integration Server starting problem in Linux platform

2004-06-21 14:54:07 EDT [ISS.0025.0001C] Integration Server 6.1 Build 132
2004-06-21 14:54:07 EDT [ISS.0025.0006C] License Manager started
2004-06-21 14:54:07 EDT [ISS.0025.0041C] FIPS mode not initialized
2004-06-21 14:54:08 EDT [BAS.0123.0001C] FSData full consistency check is being
performed. Db:WmRepository4\FSD
2004-06-21 14:54:10 EDT [ISS.0025.0017C] Repository Manager started
2004-06-21 14:54:28 EDT [ISS.0025.0024C] JDBC Connection Manager started
2004-06-21 14:54:33 EDT [ISS.0025.0023C] Audit Log Manager started
com.wm.util.coder.InvalidDatatypeException: [ISC.0076.9009] Root element is null

Does it stuck there and not moving further?

Also is your IS61 abruptly killed session before your restart sever?

Thanks rmg for looking into it.
Yes, it is stuck there and not moving further. I m trying first time to start intgration server after installation. There were no earlier sessions.

Are you starting IS via command line?


I m using Putty to run the Integration Server and using command ‘nohup ./ &’.
And then I m seeing AuditLogManager errors on server.log


Please check this similar error below and esp Resolution part from Empower site:


Original Article Number : 0 : after a disk full problem, we cannot restart an IS the log generated when launching the IS is com.wm.util.coder.InvalidDatatypeException: [ISC.0076.9009] Root element is null at com.wm.util.coder.XMLCoder.decode( at com.wm.util.coder.Coder.readFromFile( at at at at at at [HR][/HR]Resolution:

After system runned out of disk space, some manifest.v3 files got corrupted. The command “find ./ -name manifest.v3 | xargs ls -l” showed some zero size files. Restoring them with manifest.bak solved the issue.


Thanks RMG,
This problem resolved a after restoring [COLOR=#333333]manifest.v3

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