Integration Server Shutdown When User Logoff

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I have installed webMethods 7.1.2 to run as a windows application (IS start from server.bat). Is there a way to keep IS instance still running after i logoff from windows server?


Run it as a Windows service. Refer to the instructions in the Administrator’s Guide.

Thanks Raemon. I need it to run as windows application to use VCS. I do have other environments that are running as windows services. Is there a way to set up as windows application and having it run in the background like unix can?

Alas there is not. Services are the way Windows apps run on their own in the background.

Can you explain more about “I need it to run as windows application to use VCS.”

From webMethods, it stated that in order to use VCS Integration feature you must run IS as an application rather then Windows Service. I tried starting it with -Xrs parameter, but it doesn’t look like it’s working. It still shutdown IS after i logged off. Any suggestions?

The -Xrs tells the JVM to ignore some OS signals. The signals are used to allow orderly shutdown of the JVM. When not ignored (e.g. -Xrs not specified), the JVM will run user cleanup code and such (close DB connections, etc.) and Windows will terminate the JVM. When ignored (e.g. -Xrs is specified), it doesn’t run the cleanup code, but the JVM will still be terminated.

Where did you see the requirement to run IS as a Windows app to be able to use the VCS feature? I looked in the VCS Integration Developer’s Guide but didn’t see anything along those lines. The items I saw were:

  • IS must be running under a Windows account that has permission to run the VCS client software. When running as a Windows service, have IS “Log on as:” an appropriate domain/Windows account.

  • The VCS executable must be on the PATH. Set the PATH environment variable in the system variables.

I think that should be sufficient but I may be mistaken.

This is what i’ve found from advantage website:

webMethods Closure Summary

To use VCS Integration feature you must run IS as an application rather then
Windows Service. This is because the IS needs to be able to communicate
directly to the Microsoft Visual Source Safe-server.

The communication doesn’t happen on socket basis but with some pipe, which
can only be established from one foreground process to another foreground

Applies to these products Topic
Integration Server 6.5
Integration Server 7.1

please see below comment


Starting with certain versions of 1.3 JVM, a JVM process running in Windows will
terminate when the user who started the process logs off. To avoid this problem, use the
–Xrs JVM switch (even when running the Integration Server as a Windows service). This
switch instructs the JVM to ignore certain “external signals” including a logoff signal. If
the Integration Server is running as a Windows Service and if the JVM is shutting down
abruptly, make sure that the server.bat file contains the –Xrs switch as an argument to

the IS JVM.

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