Integration Server is quiesced and is not accepting


we are getting the following error

[ISS.0014.0057C] Integration Server is quiesced and is not accepting

new requests at this time.

If anybody encountered the issue, please share the solution with me.


wM Version: 8.2
Fix :Integration Server applied with Core fix 2


Not sure of this one. Please raise a SR with empower.

Hi Ravi,

Even we got the same issue when applying some fixes in wM 8.0 environment.

What we saw is that in some cases, when the Update Manager tries to stop the IS after fix installation, it does not happen properly and the process ID still existed.

In such a case, we killed the IS and had to start the IS again and this resolved our issue.

The update manager shutsdown the IS but it won’t restart back and some times doesn’t kill the PID…so is it a bug or standard thing?..I understand we can bring IS back safely just want to check how other people handling this scenario/issue.


We are talking about several things here…

  1. SoftwareAG Update Manager issues a request to bring the IS down before it applies the fix. SUM will wait till the IS is down completely (meaning, till the processid disappears). Once the server is down, it will apply the Fix. SUM will not start the server after applying the fix. This should be done manually. This is because, there are few cases where we need to perform post fix installation activity (available in fix readme).

  2. SUM doesn’t kill the process id. It just issues request to bring down the server and waits for it. This request is the same as ./ or from IS admin page that we issue. If your process id doesn’t disappear after issuing shutdown request, the actual server has some problem in releasing some threads (may be connections, or any other resource) and it has nothing to do with SUM. You can collect thread dump’s and see what makes the process id to be on hold.

  3. Workaround for Fix installation when the above problem persists.
    SUM would issue the shutdown command and wait’s for the process id to disappear. Wait for sometime may be, some resource takes time to get released. If pid doesn’t disappear even after some considerable wait time, issue kill command to kill the pid. You can now see SUM immediately start installing the fix. Delete the LOCKFILE and bring up the IS manually (after performing post fix installation steps if any). Contact SAG for IS not going down smooth.