Integration Server is not connected in MWS

Hello All,

I have followed the below steps but my integration server is not connected on MWS.

1.I have executed the scripts by using database component configurator tool.
2.I have reloaded the wMMonitor package by giving MWS username and password.
3.I have configured MWS SAML Resolver (http://localhost:8585/services/SAML) on resources in the Integration server.

Could you please suggest me if I am missing any step.

Prem Sai

What you mean by “my integration server is not connected on MWS.”. Did you mean the ESB section on MWS?

Share the IS details and confirm above.

No Mahesh.

Administration>mywebMethods>servers in MWS.

Please find the attached screenshot.


It should be OK if the configuration are correct. Any errors reported when you click on “Check Server Status”

More details:

System Settings to change the host names
and port numbers that My webMethods
uses to communicate with the Integration
Server, the Analytic Engine, and the Task

Required webMethods components:
Optimize for Infrastructure
Optimize for Process
Task Engine

For more information, see
webMethods Monitor User’s Guide,
Administering webMethods Optimize,
and webMethods Task Engine User’s Guide


it is not recommended to use localhost for these interconnections.

Please use your fixed host name assigned to the box.

The different instances might do an additional IP- and/or hostname lookup resulting in a different hostname than localhost causing the instances to not find each other.


Try to change localhost to Bro… and check server status…

In Addition to the above ,after clicking on Check server status please check IS log if any access denied type of error are there.

Baharul Islam