Integration server implementation doubts


Im new to webMethods having some doubts in the implementation part.

  1. How are flow services executed internally? are they converted into java classes before execution ?

  2. what is the scope of java services? are they executed by Integration server in a managed environment (like servlet container in case of servlets)

  3. How are the configuration settings we give (like adapter config settings) get stored and loaded into java objects during execution ?

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I am new to webMethods.Can any one tell what are the installations required and where to actually start learning about it.

The best way to learn one or more webMethods products is to attend a training class. You can also take one or more of the online training modules.

If you are a webMethods customer, partner or a certified consultant you can download documentation and some tutorials from webMethods Advantage.

webMethods does not make developer copies of its products available so you will need to obtain legal copies through your customer or consulting firm.

The workhorse of the webMethods Fabric integration platform is webMethods Integration Server. You develop integration business logic using a language called Flow which can be extended using java.

Flow services are created graphically using Developer, but are persisted using XML files. These files are interpreted at runtime to execute business logic. Java services are compiled as methods of classes which execute inside IS.

Configuration settings are stored in properties files and xml configuration files. The webMethods IS Adapter Runtime (ART) reads these files at runtime to define pools of adapter connections and adapter notifications.

These and other questions are covered in the Integration Server Administrator’s Guide and in the Developer User’s Guide. IS Admin Guide is found in \IntegrationServer\doc. Developer User’s Guide is found in \Developer\docs.

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while reading about adapters i came to know the adapter settings are stored in RepoV2. what is it actually? are they not stored in XML files or properties file?



You will find RepoV2 in this location c:\Wm61\IntegrationServer/WmRepository2 folder,IS will store most of the configuration,TN conversation info in this folder files…

flowservices are stored in xml files in the respective packages and property files are specific for TN stored in WmTN/config folder.


whenever iam seeing the WmRepository2 Folder, it consists of some files, but the thing is that, iam not able understand what actually it consists of, i opened those files in Notepad and wordpad, Can u help me…


No way to understand that inside data,it is WM IS proprietary content storage like TN conversationid’s,meta information etc…


i am Srinivas working as .Net developer, i am very much interested to learn web methods, any one please let me know best way to start with webMethods.