Integration Server 9.12 - wm.server.admin:killSession errors

Hello All,

we have migrated our projects to IS 9.12 and there is one repeating issue in IS error log.

wm.server.admin:killSession - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: fromIndex(1) > toIndex(0)

I understand that issue is that for range “from” value should be less then “to” value but I can’t find from where and how is “killSession” called with wrong array or values.

Any suggestions or ideas, please?


Hi Ladislav,

what is your source version you have migrated from?

Are there any Fixes applied to your IS?

Are you using this service explicitly in your code somewhere?

As this is an wM-internal service it should not be used in custom code and when it is used in custom code this should happen with care as internal services can change any time without notice.


Hi Holger,

thanks for you reply.

My answers to your questions:

  • We have migrated our packages/code from IS 9.7.
  • Yes, we applied almost all fixes (patched few weeks ago with all available fixes).
  • No, as far as I know “killSession” is not used in our code. I tried find dependencies in Designer and there is no dependency from our code.

So this is reason I put here this question because I can’t fix it because it seems like internal issue when we not call this service.

Thanks for ideas.


We are on IS 9.12 with IS_9.12_Core_Fix3 and we do not see any issues with it. Kindly share your fix levels and raise it to SAG support.

Also, can you check in your IS server if you are making use of PSUtilities.session:getSessionID service, I remember some time back in v8.2 we had issues with session management as wm.server.admin.killSession had troubles.

Hi M@he$h,


We are not using PSUtilities.
And yes…we will raise it to SAG.