Integration Server 4.6 Installation is not completing

I installed the Developer 4.6 and then i started the installation of the integration server but after it finishes the progress bar for the installation, it stays there without any messages. So the installation is not getting finished. Any help will be appreciated.

Please provide your hardware, OS and exact JMV used by the installer.

How much disk space do you have?

Are there other instances of webMethods products installed on that machine?

What kind of install did you do (if custom did you select any addition components)?

Are you inside a firewall? If so, you may not be able to connect to the webMethods site to complete the installation, and the installation program will “hang” indefinitely.

If you cannot connect because of firewall problems, you can request a “disk image” on CD from webMethods. We had to use the “disk image” to do our install, because of firewall rules here at Rockwell Automation.

Also, check to make sure to check your spelling and capitalization on file names. For instance,
let’s assume that you are typing the command: “WebMethodsInstaller46.jar �launchImage …/…/”.

If you misspell “launchImage” with a lower-case �i�, the installer will not tell you that you made a typographical error. The installer will default to its normal behaviour of trying to authenticate over the WWW. The install will fail because the installer will not be able to get past the firewall.

If the installer asks you for a user-name and/or password, this is a clue that you have incorrectly typed part of the command, or that the installer cannot find the install-image file that you specified on the command line.

I hope that helps you. We had the same problems when we installed webMethods.

Mark Bews
Rockwell Automation