Integration of webMethods with logging framework

Hi Folks
I would like to know if and how we can integrate webMethods integration with external (or thirparty) logging framework?

We have developed custom java service that can do some basic logging for us. We want to replace custom logging
service with better option, e.g. using thirdparty/external logging framework?

I would appreciate if community folks can comment/guide me if it is doable? and how they implemented it?

Folks who may have already integrated webMethods with third-party logging framework are requested to pls comment.


If you are looking for log4j, There are many topics about log4j, - Search results for ‘log4j’ - Software AG Tech Community & Forums
The topic Use log4j2 in webmethods - Forum - Software AG Tech Community & Forums is enlightening.
Please reach out with specific questions if you run into issues or if this is not what you need.


Hi Nagendra

At this point in time we are open to different options including log4j. I’ll check log4j related tech community posts as well. Thank you for sharing them.

Meanwhile, if any other community member wants to share his/her experience of any other thirdparty/external logging framework that they used in webMethod services then that will also be helpful to us.


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