use log4j2 in webmethods

I want to use log4j2 in webmethods project and i have write some code. it’s a beta version.
you can configure log4j2.xml file in the Log4j2 package home page.

----20151118 added shutdown service. (999 KB)

Thanks for your time and efforts. I will check this and let you know if I have any questions.

Can you please attach the code sample at the below location with some instruction guide. It will help the forum members:

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this doesn’t seem working on 10.x versions.
I tried couple of combinations but none seem to work so far with out interfering with IS’ logging framework.

has any one else encountered the same issue

Hi Chakradhar,

please provide some details what exactly you have tried and what was the outcome.

As per the age of the thread you might have missed out the change in the directory structure in wM 9.6, where the IS not working under IntegrationServer directly but uses IntegrationServer/instances/default nowadays to support multiple instances being created from installation directory, while in previous versions this always required different installation directories.