Integration of Tamino with Integration Server

Hello everybody,

since a couple of days Tamino R&D is forced to discuss how to connect Tamino to the Integration Server.
By chance I had a fruitful e-mail conversation with our colleague Paulus Ang about this topic. Resulting from this I though I should try to collect as much information as possible from this expert community, which has already some expertise in integration of Service Orchestrator with Tamino.

What are the use cases you can see for such an integration?
What requirements can you see for these use cases?

Assuming that there are such use cases (we know at least one), we currently see three different approaches to achieve this integration:

plain usage of the Tamino Java API within the Integration Server (advantage: already available / disadvantage: unpredictable implementation effort)
usage of web services that access Tamino (advantage: service based implementation is commodity / disadvantage: until version 8 provides some means to generate services from XQuery modules or from Tamino doctype definitions services need to be implemented )
provide a Tamino adaptor for Integration Server (advantage: this probably fits best into the Integration Server / disadvantage: most effort until a first version is available)

Do you have any comments on these approaches or can you propose any better solution?

Best Regards and many thanks in advance for your comments