Tamino / SAP integration

Does any of you guys integrated Tamino and SAP (any way)? How?

Thanks in advance.



also I have not touched our R/3, there are at least two feasable ways to interconnect the two systems:

1) Use Business Connector to send XML documents around. You can access any RFC or BAPI in R/3 with SOAP-like envelope sent to the Business Connector. (It needs to be configured and running, but that’s another story.)

2) Use a BAPI-2-Java Class Generator to invoke the BAPIs you need, build the XML of you fashion and store it in Tamino. By way of Tamino Server Extension, this process is automizeable.

[Not recommended third alternative: Use Tamino X-Node to connect directly to the DBMS humming away under R/3. You need to shuffle around a bit to find the real table names to map to (R/3 Data Dictionary will help you). This approach is not recommened bacause it is volatile to any change of gear SAP does in a subsequent release. Tbale names may change, the information you want may be somewhere else, … . You perhaps can cope with that and as long as you only read from R/3 things are quite ok. But don’t use this way to alter data of R/3 without its knowing. It’ll lead to lots of undesirable trouble!]

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