integration of IS(windows) and clearCase(Linux)

Hi Team,

I am trying to connect from IS( windows platform) to VCS server(ClearCase) which is running on the LINUX platform…i am accessing ClearCase with server URL…i want to integrate with my local IS(running on windows) and ClearCase(running on LINUX plat form),Could you please help me on this…


Hi Santosh,

Did you implement this? Is there any plugin?


you will need the WmVCS as well as the WmClearCase package installed on your IS.

Refer to the VCS_Integration_Developers Guide or the Configure_the_VCS_Integration_Feature Guide for Details.
The exact name differs between wM Versions.

But for most recent versions of wM this might not be the best approach.
You should check if there is an Eclipse plugin for your VCS-tool which can be applied to Designer.


Thanks Holger.
I have installed WmVCS and WmClearcase. We have our IS running on linux servers. and clearcase server on windows. currently We do not have any plugins to connect to clearcase windows server. is it possible to download plugins for windows server to connect from linux client?