Integration issue between Cumulocity data and Google Sheet API

Hi fellow community,

as part of a demo I’m trying to build a simple integration between IoT Cumulocity platform and Google Sheet. Goal is to extract all or specific mobile phone sensor’s measurements and feed them in structured way into my google sheet for further data analysis and computation.All connections, data, etc…have already been configured successfully on my end, however it seems I’m having issue with the mappings; have tried out a few mappings, for instance to map phone Temperature measurements only to the Records; integration result is GREEN however sheet doesn’t get updated. So far I’ ve only been able to input the measurements IDs into the sheet.
I guess there’s something I’ m missing in the mapping details, I have attached a few screenshots showing the integration and mapping details for your review.

Would appreciate some feedback or guidance from someone who already tried out such integration.

Thanks in advance.

David B.
integration_Cumulocity_Google_Sheet.docx (151 KB)

Hi David,
If you Test your Integration by pushing the “Test” button in the Integration edit page, you can see the resultant pipeline. This would show the details of the data sent to the updateSpreadsheetData operation, from which you can figure out whether the record/value is getting the right data.