Mapping two records

I had created a Map Node.
Input side is a bound node with Record created using XML input data.
Output side is a record created for SAP RFC/BAPI.

Both input and output records have different field names. In Map node I had mapped these fields.
But in output I don’t get result output record.
Why it is not getting populated?
Pls let me know ASAP.

Hi, Prasanna. A number of things could be wrong with your Flow.

I am assuming the following:

  1. You successfully received a string of XML text and mapped it to a Bound Node [*]You confirmed that the Bound Node holds data by stepping through your Flow using F7 and examining the “Results” tab after creating the Bound Node

If the above is true, here are some steps you can try to debug your Flow.

  1. In the documentToRecord step, go to the Service Out variable and select BoundNode. []Click the “Insert” icon (4th from the left on the Pipeline tab) and insert a Record. []Name the Record as the XML document root node [*]Map the BoundNode’s subnode that you created to the Pipeline Out variable BoundNode. Make this map explicit (i.e. draw the line). You can map it directly to your target SAP RFC/BAPI Record in the Pipeline Out, if you want.

If my hunch is correct, this will fix your “does not map” issue.

If you need a better description of how to peform these tasks, be sure to ask.


Hi Dan,
I created a record under Bound Node.
Added same record in output in Input/Output screen.

I am getting output record populated.
But, problem is I need to MAP that record with SAP BAPI record.
I did mapping of header fields in records.
But, still SAP BAPI record for header is not getting populated.
What should I do now?
Pls let me know as early as possible.
Thanks again.

Hi Dan,
It is working now, problem was xml record created has version text element. I removed that, now I had mapped xml data record with SAP BAPI record.

I had one more problem,
In Map node, I had one List inside another list.
And I had to map whole thing in a List. I can see blue line in Map node, what that means?
What should I do?
Thnaks lot.

I want to integrate SAP with Siebel using webMethods Enterprise Integrator. There will a sales lead created in SAP which on approval should flow to Siebel. I will be writing SAP-Workflow for this approval. I understand that there are two ways of integrating SAP-webMethods, 1) pushing data from SAP 2) pulling from webMethods.
I am supposed to use BAPI. But one thing is not clear to me is that on status change of sales lead (approval) how to trigger the BAPI. If the same BAPI is triggered in different requirement will it affect my integration?

Please advice/help.