Cumulocity and Integration cloud integration: Add device in cumulocity using Integration cloud

Below section details how to add device in cumulocity from APIs created in the integration cloud where in integration cloud and cumulocity are subscribed products in SoftwareAG Cloud for given tenant.

Create Cumulocity user

1.  Login to SoftwareAG Cloud <> using tenant/user details and open Cumulocity. Click “Administration” > Click “Users” > Click “Add user” > Provide user details [TestUser] and select “User must reset password on next login” > Under Global Roles select “admins” > Click “Save”

2. Login to cumulocity as TestUser, and change password.

Create integration

1.  Login to SoftwareAG Cloud <> using tenant/user details and open Integration Cloud.

2.  Click “Develop” > Click ”Document Types” > Click “Add New Document Type”, Create document type [c8y_IsDevice] as shown below,

3.  Click “Develop” > Click “Add New Integration” > select “Orchestrate two or more applications” > Click “OK”

4.  Provide “Name” for the integration [TestIntegartion]. Click “Applications” > search for “Cumulocity”. Drag and drop cumulocity into the anchor point as shown

5.  Provide inputs for the integration by clicking Block Options in front of the TestIntegration > Click “Define Input and Output Signature” For document reference choose “c8y_IsDevice” and Apply

6.  Configure cumulocity by clicking “settings” button, In “Account” drop down click “Create Account” and provide below details > Click “Save”

Account name [TestAccount]

Server URL: cumulocity URL [https ://< cloudName>]

Username: Cumulocity user [TestUser]

Password: Cumulocity user’s password


In Operation dropdown click “Create Operation” provide below details,

Operation name [TestOperation]                  

Account: TestAccount

Functional area: Inventory; Click “Next”

Operation: Create A New Managed Object; Click “Next”

Business Object: managedObject; Click “Next”

Data Fields: select below fields



Click “Next” > Click “Finish”

Click “OK”

7.  To Map data to the pipeline parameters, Click in front of Cumulocity label and map the document data into pipeline as shown and Click “Finish” and save Integration

8. To test the service built Click “Test” by providing “c8y_IsDevice” value as true. Every time this service is run a device gets added in Cumulocity,

This can be verified by logging into SAG Cloud and navigating to Cumulocity > Click “Device Management” > Click “Devices” > Click “All Devices”