Integration Between WebMethods and SAP BW(Business Warehouse)

Dear Guys,

Actually i am searching for methods to establish and implement connectivity and integration Between WebMethods and SAP BW(Business Warehouse).
Can you help on this.

I believe you can connect to SAP BW in various ways via SAP Adapter connection and invoke their available BAPIs/BADIs/RFC’s and also send data via flat files thru, so AL11 can pick up the files and send it to BW system for downstream reporting etc…

Have you review communication options with the BW/Basis team and so they can assist vs what available in wM Sap Adapter wise?


SO i think much changes required from SAP BW side.little from wM perspective.
any web-services or HTTP post is also usable.
appreciate your help.

What’s your requirement, accordingly we can say what changes to be done at wM end.


Also, are you using BAPI or RFC calls to deal with SAP BW ?


iF BAPI or RFC call is working with SAP bW then i can go with this approach.
Requirement is already mentionend integration communication methods with wM and SAPBW.
what initials required things we need to integrate both.

First and foremost you need to setup SAP Adapter connection to your SAP ECC system and then work with Basis and BW team to setup RFC’s and so wM can invoke those available RFC’s (function modules) via Adapter Services and send the data to BW.

Is your integrations involves bi-directional way?


BW integration is feasible with SAP Adapter. Make sure you have the latest fix levels installed. If you have any questions or concerns while implementation kindly post it here.

Dear RMG.

I got Some information like SAP can’t expose a RFC from SAPBW this True?
and like u asked the integration is required from both sides.
Do we have more communication methods with SAPBW like polling,HTTP POST or webservices?

Any Webservice communication can happen with SAP BW and webmethods,Because i came to know that SAP bW can only push data not able to Pull data and it doesn’t allow you pull data by External systems.

There is no such wS communication mechanism b/w them. You ask them do they use BAPI for communication with other systems.


I had done guys completed both ways

wM->SAPBW pushed data through webservices,For any fuction module with given fields,They can create a webservice unit provider.YOu can select namespace SOAP to use and throw your data…

SAPBW->WM they will provide an RFC details and fields.they will put data into the open hub table and then they can run a process chain and you can make their signal green with one status field and send it to third party

They can do for both bulk data and delta load…

after this while communicating with dev test and prod environment when you will hit the URL in webservice,you will get a Virtual interface not found error,Solution for that is say BW team to activate all deactivated instance of webservice with the use of admin security Id only,

This will enable webservice interface at their side and you can push your data…