integrating with TFS (Team Foundation Server)

Does anyone have experience implementing Team Foundation Server as the version control tool with Integration Server?

I have noticed there is TFS plug-in for Eclispe (Team Explorer Everywhere) is this worth using or should we look at command level integration with TFS?


Have you done any further research on this? One of my users is asking about this as well.

Same question, a whole bunch of years later! Anyone?

Hi Barbara ,

we can now use TFS as vcs(verion control system) by making use of Local Service Development feature of IS and Designer.
AFAIK , there is an extra licensing required for each developer machines as each developer will be running their individual Integration Servers.

Using Local Service Development and ABE(Asset Build environment) you can automate the release process as well.

You can follow this article available on Tech Community wiki for further details.

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

if you need future help as documentation will help only for repo setup but if you want to do full CI need future help do reach out can help you here