Integrating Applinx HTML Web Emulation into CAF Portlet App.


we have created an ApplinX html web emulation of a backend-system. We need to be able to call the created JSP webApplication directly within a CAF Portlet Application (by clicking on a link within a portlet).
Has anyone integrated an ApplinX html web emulation in a Portlet Application before?

Thank you

I’ve heard about this being done, but i’m not sure if anyone monitoring this forum has attempted this.

I enquired about this back in 2008 for a customer, and received this response from R&D:



actually that is what I have tried : I have created a small portlet application (that runs in MWS) and in that portlet I have iserted an IFRAME which links to my ApplinX WebApplication (that runs in IS).

The problem I a have encountered is that this only runs in Firefox…
Do you have any idea why the content of the IFRAME is not displayed in InternetExplorer8?

Thank you :slight_smile: