installPackage is throwing exception

Hi Experts,

i am trying to install package through flow service.My logic shown below

Get package–> put package → remote invoke (intall Package).

installPackage is throwing error as below.

“ISS.0086.9144] Exception occurred while checking target package name”

Help is appreciated.


Make sure the target IS details are configured in source remote server alias.

Any reason for writing a flow service to install the package, you can use WmDeployer or manually install the package (if its less in count)


I don’t have idea about Deployer. Can u explain how it works to deploy packages.


Kindly read “9-10_Deployer_Users_Guide”

You can also install the packages by putting them in replicate/inbound directory and then install from IS –

Thanks Mahesh. :smiley:

Try creating a empty package via designer (with the same packagename) and then run your service to install

Addendum: pub.packages:installPackage

Pass the input: packageFile: Name of the distribution file that contains the package
that you want to install. This file must reside in the server’s inbound directory (Integration Server_directory\instances
\instance_name \replicate\inbound).

When specifying packageFile ,
Do include the .zip extension in the file name.
Do not include the directory path.
For example: