Installing Trading Networks client

Hi all,

I need to install the trading networks client on a system and connect it to the integration server which is on another system in the network. Can anyone help me with this.

Thanks in advance.

So you want to Install Trading Network Console and IS/TN Server already installed on another network connecting?..

Does your your system you want to installed client can access that network remotely?


Um, that’s the normal installation. TN Console is intended to run on any otther system. It does not need to run on the same machine as IS/TN.

Yes…you can install TNC anywhere machine as long as the client has access to the particular IS/TN server you are trying to login in your LAN or another network (VPN or WAN)…

Is that your question and reply looking for?

Thanks for the response. Well, you partly answered my question. How do I install just the TNC on the desired system in the network. Do I just do a normal installation from an image and select ‘Trading Networks’. Will this not install the IS on the local system?

YES…you should select only the “Trading Networks Console” client and not the Trading Networks Server or Integration Server check box from the installer/image file section window.