Installing Refactoring, if NEE has been installed before

In earlier versions it was necessary to install Refactoring additionally as a single product with its own installation setup routine.
How does it work nowadays (NEE 5.4.1) if there was yet an existing NEE installation?
Should you uninstall NEE and reinstall it with a license Key with “Refactoring = YES” ? Or should yo use the Repair option when installing ?
Regarding NEE 5.4.1 setup routines I couldn’t detect any hint for a separate product REFACTORING and so I suggest there must be another way to install REFACTORING as an additional NEE feature.


You require the Software AG product NRE (Natural Engineer for Refactoring).

I suggest that you get NEE541.1 with a NRE54 license file.

This will uninstall the current NEE541 and install NEE541.1 with the Refactoring enabled.

Hope this helps.

To use Refactoring additionally to an existing NEE - Installation it’s only necessary to overwrite the license file, which originally had been stored in X:\Program Files\Common Files\Software AG\LKey. This new license file for Refactoring has the same name (NEE54.XML) but a different entry for repository, i.e. YES instead of NO. It’s not necessary to uninstall or modify/repair.

Thanks to Hardy Dreesen and Brian James

I had a key NRE62.xml and expected it to work when I placed it in the …/lkey folder. I had to rename this to NEE62.xml, then refactoring works when Natural Engineer is restarted. Many thanks for your solution.