Installing new ISTN environement


recently I installed a new development environment for IS+TN. After installing the server software I installed packages and imported my document types, my conversation scripts and my partners profiles.

The first tests I’ve done went all wrong as there was some data missing. I found out that no “Unknown” document type was there, also “Unknown” partner was missing…

Should I import this also from the other environment or there is a procedure for getting the DB “initialized”?

Best regards

This “unknown” has various reasons:

  1. TN is not able to extract the information from the document post
    2)Appropriate document or processing rule or partner profile might be in disabled state?So make sure that everything after import are enabled.


And also you can point your new IS/TN Server to existing DB,unless if that other environment is not using it.

TN Upgrade to 6.1 Error - TN Console says that IS server is still 6.0.1 but it is not. Where is the reference that TN 6.1 is looking to find the version of the IS? Has anyone had this problem when upgrading to 6.1?

Have you checked the 6.1 WmTN package config/properties file?



Yes, we checked the WmTN package config/properties. It says 6.1


Hi Linda,
Please also check the path in console.bat file in /TNConsole/bin folder.
and try to reload WmTN package.