Installing a Patch reg.

I am trying to import a patch from one IS1 to another IS2.
First i did created a patch xyz release in replicate outbound of IS1.
Then i copied it to replicate inbound of IS2.
Now, am trying to do install inbound release of the patch in the admin page. The package where the patch has to be installed is there in IS2.

Now when i try to install it, am getting an error like

Package xyz has elements locked by another user. Unable to delete the package.

I have cross checked the package and it has no locked elements. I even tried unlocking the package as a whole. But even then am getting this error.

PS: The package has a lot of listeners and connections.
I dont know the real problem. But i have done this even a week before. But this time when i did the same, i am getting this error.

Can anyone help me on this?



Restart the Both the ISs and then try.

Hi Prasad,
But i cannot do a restart here as they are important servers and am not supposed to do it.

Is there any other alternatives? What could be the real problem?


Install inbound packages does a:

1- Unload package.
2- Install new package.

Are you able to unload the package without any problem?
Have you check the error log to get hints/pointers to why you can’t install new package?

Hi ,
Open the IS admin page and go to Packages —> Management and on top of that page you can see a link called View Locked Elements,click that.then check that wether any services you are able to see in your package are locked.If you found any try to unlock and try installing the package again.

—Venkata Vidya Sagar P