Change Management For IS Package

Good evening.
Can anyone advise how to do I install particular components/ services of a IS Package, to enhance the original package which i already have in my development server?

say, I use the developer/ Web Manager to select particular services of the package to export. Then i’ll get a zip file.

But how do i import and install it into my subscribing server, without overwriting my existing original package (except for the required services) or creating a new package of its own.


If you find the folder Integrationserver/…/packages/Your package/ns then you will find all the folders (integrations). Copy the one that you want to replace to another folder and unzip you exported file to the ns folder. Go to the Administrator and reload the package. Open the developer and find the new integration in your package. If the developer is already open you have to do a reload there as well.
It is importante that you stop the message flow while reloading or else you might loose data.

I hope that this helps.


the problem is, this method only works if i’m accessing the development server directly. I would like to import the files from the development server to another server, and i’m not allowed access into the 2nd server.
Then how do export the package’ components into the 2nd server?

Hava a look at the webMethods Integration Server Administrator’s Guide for your specific version normally located in the <wminstalldir>/IntegrationServer/doc directory - see chapters on Managing Packages.

Specifically - creating a “patch” package may address your needs. The new package can then be distributed to your target server, by copying it to IntegrationServer/packages/replicate/inbound or by using the package publish/subscribe mechanism.


But if you dont have the access to the server I dont think that you will be able to install you changes. Is there anybody that do have access to that machine that can do the work?


Actually, i looked at the document of ISAdministratorGuide.pdf.
but it only talks about installing the whole package into the target server.

I’m not too entirely sure what to carry out to install only the patches.

Hi Jennifer,

I don’t know which version of Integration Server you’re working with, but have a look at “Specifying File and Version Information for a Release or Archive” p260 in Integration Server Administrator’s Guide Version 6.0.1.

By selecting only the changed files during package creation you can limit the files that will be distributed. Also see previous forum thread [url=“”] for more detail.

I would suggest though, that you only make decisions about shipping patch/full packages, after enquiring/deciding on a wider configuration management strategy for your project.

Good Luck!

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I’m using IS v4.6, on a Windows Environment.
ES is in a Unix Environment

As far as I know, you need to do the following :

You need to setup a subscription to your 2nd server where the solution has to be imported.
Create a patch with just the selected files from your Dev Server. With the patch file (, you should be able to publish to the 2nd system and it will get installed. However, you need to take certain precautions like
a. Make sure the version of the patch package in your publishing server is higher than the subscription server
b. Make sure you create the package with only the selected files.

Hope this helps

i actually tried that. unfortunately, it overwrites my previous package.


Manohar has correctly identified the steps to create a patch package. The key to this is when creating the release. Make sure that you only choose “Selected Files” and that you only select the files you want in the patch. Also, make sure that you select the Release Type of “Patch” rather than “Full”, which is the default.

This definitely makes a patch file. Also, increment the versions and builds accordingly and type in the “Brief Description” field so you know what you are looking at months from now.

Hope this helps.