Installing a IS server on development machine

We have a license including a development server, a preproduction server, a production server and a hot stand by server.
We can not have more than two core (in production and hot stand by server) which run in same time. But that doesn’t include the dev server and the test server.

In a same time, I want create some branches for package in service development perspective in designer. I saw in the forum, I need a local development service installed on development computer. But to install this component I need to installe a IS Server. Is it included on the license or can I install without problem ?


As far as i can remember, There is a separate license that you need to get from SAG to have Local Service Development. You can open a ticket with SAG to get a confirmation on this.

“Local Service Development” is the technical component which allows you to integrate Designer with a locally installed Integration Server and do the interaction with a version control from within designer.
This and the right to install a local Integration Server is included in Designer Workstation.
This is a license you need to purchase! It is not included in standard Designer.


this depends on the version of the webMethods Suite.

As of wM 9.12 Local Service Development has become a regular part of the Designer component without requiring an additional license.