I am trying to install the evaluation copy of webmethod and am getting an error saying that “JVM not found”. I do have Sun JVM 1.4 installed on my machine.

Please help.


Generally webmethods installation uses built-in IBM JVM but wondering at what stage you are getting install problem “JVM not found” ?

Anyway try with JVM (1.3.1).



Thank you for your reply.

When I start the installation the very first message that I see is “Searching for Java Virtual Machine” and within seconds I get an error message saying “No matching JVM found”.

Does WebMethods work only 1.2.2 and/or 1.3 version of JVM ? Before I get the error message, I do see some messages flashing by saying verifying Java 1.2.2 and 1.3.

I already have JVM 1.4 installed and am trying to avoid installing JVM 1.3

I am very new to WebMethods and any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks again

The read me lists the supported JVMs.

IS 6.0.1 does not support Java 1.4.

I recommend try with JVM 1.3.1 as a last chance,I think JVM 1.4 doesnt support for the current versions.


Thanks everybody. It works.