Installation of broker

Hello experts,
I got a problem while configuring the broker into my machine,I’m using webMethods8.2 in windows8.1. I’m getting the following error:
[BRC.200.1056] Error: The Broker license file could not be found or is corrupt. Specify the full path to the license file.

I have installed IS,TN,Developer,Desginer all products except Broker component as the respective PIF.xml (License File) is not supporting in windows8 .1. So Could You please give me suggestion or alternate ways to acceess it.
Thank you.

You have to have a valid Broker license. If you open the Broker license file in text editor, you could see the Operating systems which the file would support… If you are using wrong file in wrong operating system, you would see such exceptions…



w2012, w2008, win7_pro, win8


Yes, I agree with Senthil.


Try the below options:

1> Contact SAG sales/license key team to provide you a valid license that will work on Windows 8.1
2> Downgrade your OS

Lavanya – I presume you got ride of this issue, kindly let me know if you still have anything with this.