Install WebMethods 6.01 from image file but WmTnWeb package

We installed WebMethods 6.01 from created image file. Everything is fine and Trading Network server are function properly. When creating the image file, we checked WebMethods Integration platform box. So I assume all of installation options were selected. However, WmTnWeb package is missing. I would like to know the reason why it is missing.

Anyone have clue?

Thanks lot.

Had the exact issue. had to install the package through inbound folder manually. Am unaware of the exact cause.

We had the exact issue. We are having an open case at the WM support, some components are missing when selecting the check box for the IS platform.
I think the install servers are not in a consistent condition.

Hi Guyz,
Is it possible i can get the WmTNWeb package, i didnt get it with my installer.