Insight Troubleshooting

Greetings everyone.

We are currently try to find out, why there’s nothing shown in our Insight Server. We can see some nodes, but it seems like there’s no transaction among them.

Below are the steps that we’ve done:

  1. Test connectivity between Insight server and the Insight Agents, just in case firewall port is not open - Done, firewall port is open.
  2. Verify the agent’s URL configured in Insight server. - Done, verified that it is the correct URL.
  3. Turn on the “Audit Agent Events” on Insight agent - Done. But after doing some tests, no transactions detection.
  4. Unmanage one of the Insight agent from Insight Server (Staging) and add it back. - Done, but no transactions detected
  5. Turn on debugging mode - Done, but no transactions detected.
  6. Search Transaction Log - No transaction logged.
  7. Check if Uplink.cfg file exist in the Insight server to make sure installation is correct. - Done. The file exist in the Insight Server.

We are using webMethods Integration Suite 9.6.

We would appreciate if anyone could advise what else should be done for us to see the transactions.

Thanks in advance.

Have you provisioned agents? Does it show provisioning successful, in green? You don’t have to explicitly enable audit transactions to view the data flow. If provisioning is successful, you should see transaction links.

I assume you have configured two dB schemas, one for actional and another for agents and executed dB scripts to create tables.