Inserting schemaless documents


I’m new to Tamino, and using the latest XML Starter Kit ( I’m trying to batch insert a bunch of documents using my own java program and the Java API (or possibly the xml:db API).

I’m faced with the following error:


Could not create schemaless doctype in collection ino:etc.

Why does this limitation exist? Is there any work-around? For example, can I declare a “catch-all” schema using xs:any?

Also, I need to set my own ID to documents, so I
can retrieve them easily. How can I do that?


Hi Julien,

the explanation to INOXDE7697 says: “It is not possible to have two schemaless doctypes in collection ‘ino:etc’ with the same lexical QName but different namespace of the root element.”. Can this be the reason for your problem?
A possible workaround would be to change the namespace prefix of the root element of the first instance to be inserted in a new implicit doctype. Declaring a “catch-all” schema should also work.

The methods getDocname() and setDocname() may fulfill your needs. But keep in mind that there are some characteristics when inserting or updating an object with a docname.

Oliver Kleber