Insert in "ProcessPersons" run but nothing happen in Tamino

I use the example “”, offered by Tamino XML:DB API, to observe how java code work in Tamino server. I modified this file by deleting “performDelete”, and expected to see that, collection named “ino:etc” with doctype=“person” are to be added and showed in Tamino Server. But it doesn’t. I can and do see the total insert result from “http://localhost:8087/tamino/mydb/ino:etc?_xql=person”. Why noting changs in Tamino Server? Can anybody tell me, what is wrong? I have also the same problem with the other XMLDBAPI examples. I attach my java file “ProcessPersons” and run results hier for reference.

Hello MP,

I’m sorry, but I think that I must have the wrong head on my shoulders today - I don’t quite understand what the problem is!

In the code that you posted, the calls to the performDelete method have been commented out - so no documents will be deleted (as you expected).

In the output that you posted it looks like the program has been run for the third time, because it inserts five “person” documents each time and now there are 15 person documents found by the “queryall” query.
If the program inserts 5 documents each time, and the last run displays 15 documents, I think that the documents are being correctly stored in Tamino (and not deleted).

Could you please clarify what you mean by “Why nothing changes in Tamino Server?” ?

Are you expecting to see a “person” doctype appear in the System Management Hub (inside the Data Map → Collections → ino:etc entry)?

If this is the case, I think I can explain the confusion. The ino:etc collection has a special feature: it allows the storage of any legal XML documents without the need to define a schema beforehand (ino:etc is the only collection which allows this).
Unless you explicitly define a schema (i.e. for person) into the ino:etc collection, you will not see anything listed in the Data Map.

I hope that helps,

Hi Trevor,
It works! Thanks very much for your explanation about ino:etc and its relationship with DataMap!

MP :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: