Insert File into Oracle BLOB from custom DSP page

Hi , I have a requirement where in I need to insert a CSV file into Oracle BLOB field from a custom DSP page that am developing . The size of CSV file can be upto 1MB . Only part iam done with is use HTML tags to browse the files on Desktop using tag . Can some body help me from scratch like …

– Opening DB connection
– Insert CSV File into Oracle BLOB that i browsed from local desktop.
– Close Connection .

– All the above will be done in my organization local Intranet .

Iam under impression that all this can be done Using JavaScript and embed that in my DSP page . Not sure if iam right. Searched in Google on javascript about this . Couldnt get clear picture anywhere .
Looking for help in detail please as iam not good in SZcripting and oracle.
Any help is greatly appreciated …


Hi Its again me. i have one more idea though not sure if can be implemented !!! Can I have a java service where in, it will accept the path of the File that need to be inserted as an Input and Picks up that file and Inserts into Oracle Blob Field .
if its possible , can i please get the java source …