File Upload

I am looking for a way to create an upload file dialog in our JIS 9.03 environment. Do you have any ideas/suggestions?

Thanks - James Ratzloff

Hi Jim,

JIS does not have a built-in file dialog component.
Are you looking to upload a file from the browser to the server or do you also need to send the file to the Mainframe ?

The goal is to send a user-uploaded file to the mainframe, to a Natural Screen designed to accept it.

Hi Jim,

the Software AG propriatary Natural data transfer protocol is not supported. For data transfer only IND$File protocol can be used.
Btw. ApplinX is supporting this Natural data transfer protocol.

best regards,

Thanks for your answer.

It sounds like going straight into Natural is out. My other question then is how would we go about uploading a file to the JIS server? I know this is hard to do with javascript, and was wondering if I could call a jsp server page to upload the file.