ONE, NJX, and the fileupload control

We use NaturalONE to develop on Windows 7 PCs using a Natural Development Server running on a HPUX server. When reading and writing to work files in NaturalONE, it has access to the server file system. However, when using the fileupload control, the file is uploaded to the PC. Short of sharing the PC file system where the file is uploaded to with Unix, is there any way to get access to the uploaded file while developing in NaturalONE?

Thank you.

Todd, if I got it right, your intention is uploading the file to the HPUX file system, where Natural is running. Try using the fileupload2 control, as in the attached example. The example works for text files, but the upload mechanism is of course working also for other file types. Regards, Thomas (1.1 KB)