Insert data from XML

We have large xml documents coming thru to our IS. We need to extract data from these documents and insert it into a database table.
We have two tables, a header and a line_level table. There are 100 line items in a single xml document and if we use the normal execSQL and insert, it takes a long time to loop thru and do 100 inserts.
Could anyone suggest the best and fastest way to do this?

Create a record list for your items with the same column names as your database and in the same order and use the insert service mapping your record list to the $data input in the insert service and it will insert all the rows in one step.

That worked!

Thanks a lot John!

Hello everyone,
Doing the same for the update service does not give me proper values when invoked with a dsp page.(i.e) I pass the xml docs as a hidden box to an dsp page which may contain empty values for some fields. I want it to update correctly (if empty values comes put null into tables). Please help me.

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