Inputs to web service connectors

Hi All,

I want to invoke some web service connectors which I generated from a WSDL document. These connectors will execute the operations like database insert, select etc on a remote system.

For this, I need to supply the inputs “auth”, “timeout”, and “address”, which are infact the inputs to the pub.client:soapClient service present in the webservice connector.

What values go in these fields?

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Hi Nishant

auth = this field is to send the authorization parameters to the webservice which you want to invoke. so you will be sending username/password in this segment. It depends on the protocol as well if it is http or https. or if you are setting connection using certificates. in case of certificates u just need to pass username. and the destination certificates should be installed in webmethods server.

timeout = Timeout is the value in milisecond which you pass to tell the connector for how long it should try to establish connection. Once the time out limit reach connector will stop execution with the error connection timeout.

address = address is the URL where webservice is located.

Hope it helps

One more addition: make sure that you get the values from a configuration file instead of hardcoding. By default the address is hardcoded in the generated connector flow. You need to change it.