inoxmld commit error

inoxmld is giving this error while mass loading
commit failed aborting massload… below is the message
Any lead will be appreciated.

ino:messagelineStart: Thu Apr 18 13:45:06 2002</ino:messageline>
ino:messagelineLoading of documents 1-135 triggered</ino:messageline>
<ino:message ino:returnvalue=“9286”><ino:messagetext ino:code=“INOXYE9286”>Internal database error has occurred</ino:messagetext></ino:message>
ino:messagelineCOMMIT failed - mass load aborted</ino:messageline>
ino:messagelineElapsed time: 6 (s), finished: Thu Apr 18 13:45:12 2002</ino:messageline>


try to significantly increase your Journal Space. also: what tamino version are you using?

andreas f.

my journal space is already 200mb

irithdb index space 1 - - 50.00 MB
irithdb data space 1 - - 100.00 MB
>> irithdb journal space 1 - - 200.00 MB
irithdb temporary working space 1 - - 7.00 MB
irithdb log space 00001 Initial 00002 235.61 KB
irithdb backup space 1 Initial - 1.46 MB

how ever on using the java loader it was able to load the data.
Tamino version 3.1.1

Hi amit,

no extra journal space is needed, if you use the data loader. You need temporary working space. Yours (7 MB) is surely too small. A rule of thumb for the needed temporary working space is 10 times your data. Most of this is freed on the termination of the data load.

All the best,

Thanks Hermann Gundel,
For the tip, how ever i don’t see a way to increase the size of the temp working space in the Management hub port#9991. May be i am missing some thing here can you detail.
Am i looking at the right place ?
please advice.


we are experiencing the very same problem here
(inoxmld yields COMMIT failures, Tamino error
INOXYE9286), although we have ample temporary
working space in the associated location.

Have you been able to resolve the problem? I
would be happy to learn about your experience.

Thank you and best wishes,

As Teggy wrote, the temporary working location is just a path. As I saw , the 7 MB is just a default shown by the Management hub. Windows explorer will show the available space on the drive where the path points to.
Missing working space is only the most common cause for a 9286 response code. Another possible problem can arise if you use document names. These have to be unique, but AFAIK this info is in the README.
In short, if a user is mass loading documents with document names, he should better be sure that the document names are unique, because a violation of this rule will be detected very late and just lead to a response 9286.

There is no option to increase temporary working space - Tamino allocates this space by itself. The error reported here was a bug in Tamino. This bug has been corrected with Tamino version 3.1.2, which is available now.