ino:id attribute unavailable


I am trying to retrieve the ino:id attribute from a TXMLObject and it is unavailable. I don (2.26 KB)

Hello Julien,

From scratch, ino:id attributes are not available from an XQuery result (whereas they are from an X-Query result).
There must be a reason why (which I don’t know), but Tamino “filters out” ino:id when queried with an XQuery.

Software AG provides a vendor specific XQuery function : “tf:getInoId”, it returns ino:id of current document.

Hope this helps.

Bertrand Martel
Software AG France

Thanks a lot Bertrand.

It was unfortunate that the ino:id was originally added to response documents for X-Query. It had the unfortunate affect of modifying a user’s document with an unexpected attribute.

It is better to think of the ino:id as being an automatically generated docname by Tamino. Generally a user would be better off assigning their own docnames and not relying on ino:ids. I know that we have some test programs that use GUIDs as docnames.