Information about the javafrag file

I was doing a test to see if a package could be manually copied into a new environment, file by file. The files copied and were recognized on th target server as a package after performing a reboot.

Everything looks normal in the new environment after the reboot but I could not compile any of my Java services because of errors within the respective services’ “java.frag” files while trying to save. My Flow code seems to run without error.

What is “java.frag” and can somebody expound on the topic?

The exact cause of the error depends on what files were copied and which were not.

You can find information about java.frag files and how they are managed in Appendix I of the B2B Integrator Guide.

Basically, all the java.frag files are mashed together to create a single Java source file. Each frag file is located in its service directory. The source file is located in [package_dir]/code/source.

The jcode tool can be used to:

  • create the combined source file from the frag files (jcode comp [packageName])
  • create the frag files from a source file (jcode frag [packageName])
  • compile the Java services (jcode make [packageName])

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Rob. Would I be able to use the ClearCase tool “clearmake” to compile this code instead of the jcode utility?

Presumably. As long as it puts the class file in the right spot.

Be sure to consider JDK versions though. What ClearCase uses vs what jcode uses might cause some compatibility issues when the server tries to run the code.