Infinite loop

Iam sure it might have once been a heavily debated/discussed topic
but is there a way to get out of an infinite loop in webMethods??
I am told by some experts that the service can be invoked as a thread which can then be killed. If so what would be the exact procedure.

Thanks in advance

Hi Venu

It is possible (with some coding) to write a small app that lists all threads in the JVM. Once you identify the proper thread, you can kill it. Another option is to check out the code of the DSP that displays the threads in WmRoot (web console). If you add a kill() function to it, you might also terminate threads.
If you want to start a thread that can be killed while running, spawning a new thread might indeed be the proper way.
If you have a possible infinite loop in your code, you might want to reconsider your architecture or coding. Killing threads is in most situations not very healthy to your environment and in general bad practise.
Hope this helps, Chris