Infinite loop calling "Processing server response... [.

We are using CrossVision Application Designer 2.2, Build: CIS_V22_20070119. On a regular basis while editing a layout the Designer is trapped in an infinite loop. In the status bar the following message is shown again and again:

“Processing server response… http://[Local path]/com.softwareag.cis.editor.editor6.html”

You have to close the IE and reopen the layout to carry on editing.

Is there a newer build of the Designer without this behaviour?
Where can I get the current version of Designer (ftp?)?

Kind regards
Thorsten Pontow

I’ve already sended an bug report to Software AG few days ago but no reply since then. I’d like to call SAG Support, which number is the best to use?

use the -Xms -Xmx (-ms -ms) swithes to increase
the max size of you JVM when you start Tomcat.

For more info see:

This has bitten me numerous times as it always
manifests itself in a different way - you
sometimes just get random exceptions with no
indication that there was a memory problem.