Indexer 4.1.4 and tamino 4.2.1

Is the non-xml indexer 4.1.4 compatible with tamino server 4.2.1 ?



there were neither changes in the call-interface nor in the template schema documents.
Thus in theory it should be possible to use the non-XML indexer 4.1.4 with Tamino Server 4.2.1.

However, I strongly recommend to use the non-XML indexer as delivered with Tamino Server 4.2.1 because:
- it contains some bugfixes,
- the non-XML indexer 4.1.4 had been created and runs in Tamino Server 4.1.4 with Java SDK 1.4.1_01. On the other hand Tamino Server 4.2.1 and its non-XML indexer use the Java SDK 1.4.2_02. In theory this should not matter but in some cases we had observed substantial performance loss with java code that had been compiled and runs with different Java versions.