Incomplete thread list

We’re running webMethods 9.6 Fix9, but I’ve noticed this issue on various versions over the past couple of years.

When pulling up the list of running threads, via the UI or directly calling the underlying flow service (wm.server.query:getThreadList), frequently the list is cut short. Our server typically has 600+ threads, and quite often only 15-20 are listed in the UI.

When you run that service, at that moment whatever threads are running, that’s what you could see as output.

If you are performing this task when server threads are used a lot, then it is always better to take Jvm level threaddump via kill -3 to find all threads at that moment.


I don’t think it’s quite that simple, though. There are over 500 threads missing from the output. If I refresh a whole bunch, eventually I get the full listing. It’s as if something internal is failing and cutting the list short.

Also there are times I know a long running flow service is executing, waiting for a long DB query for example, and when I pull up the threads screen it’s not listed until I refresh a whole lot of times.