Include tables inside cells of another table

How can we include a table inside a cell of another table in the CAF? We have seen some examples using JSF directly in code, but what we want is to be able to use the designer of the CAF (its easier to visualize).
As an example, suppose the data represents people groups and we want to display a table with the groups and for each group include a sub table that displays the people in the group. The number of people in the groups will be less than or equal to 5.
We will return from the database one row per person per group. So if we have 3 groups of 2 persons each, we will return 6 rows. How can be implement this using the CAF? Can this be implemented using a content provider?

When you’re adding nested table make sure it is bound to something under Control Scoped Variables.

So the way to create a nested table is:

  • Add a standard column to your parent table, select it
  • Drag and drop a list or array property from the Controls Scoped Variables node onto the newly added column to create a new nested table.

Hope this helps.