include javadoc with javaservice

Hi all,

I have created some functions in a java Service under the SHARED-SOURCE-AREA.
I’m actually using those functions in my other package.

My problem is that some of those function have sometimes 7 or more parameters.
So when i’m using the autocomplete (please look the attach file) i have argX and sometimes it’s a little misleading…

I have tried using javadoc with something like this:

	 * @param  nomChamp         Utilisé pour identifier le champ
	 * @param  valeurChamp      La valeur du champ
	 * @param  codeErreurVide   Identifiant représentant le code erreur pour un champ vide
	 * @param  codeErreurFormat Identfiant représentant le code erreur pour un champ non valide
	 * @param  erreurs          Liste des erreurs à passer en paramètre
	 * @param  estObligatoire   Indiquer si le champ est obligatoir ou non
	 * @param  tailleMax        La taille maximale du champ

But with the autocomplete the java doc part still doesn’t appear.

Thanks for your help.

I’m not sure but think that the autocomplete feature depends on how the called method has been compiled: with or without debug information. At least in “normal java”. I don’t know whether this holds for the editor of java services.

Can you apply the latest Designer fix and see if you still see this issue?