Include Empty Values - how to enable at run-time

Hi everybody, I’m looking at this option in Developer, and wondering how to implement it at run-time. The thing is, when generating a SOAP envelope, parameters get left out if they are null, and this causes a problem web server-side, since presumably the web services technology extracts parameters by position, not by name. I guess I will have to emulate this behaviour in Java if there is no way to do this in Flow. Has anybody else out there had this problem before?


While using documetToXMLString flow service, please set generateRequiredTags to “true”. It will generate all the mandatory elements as blank, if they are present as null in pipeline.

I was thinking more along the lines of Document Types, not xml.

I modified some found java (WmSamples) to create a Document with all the elements filled in, then do a merge from initial document to the template document. This looks promising, so far…