In API GATEWAY how to add multiple API's to an APP with bulk Operations?

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One of my applications in the API GATEWAY (DEV ENV) lost all the API’s associated with it. Luckily I have PREPROD and PROD environments. So What I want to do now
is to use any built-in APIGATEWAY REST API’s to do a bulk operation so that I can extract all the API’s from that application in preprod and install them in the same way in DEV. I have more than 300 hundred API’s assigned to that application so I need to do this in a good manner.

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Production MAJOR Customer.

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hi @a1user,
One of the easiest way i can think of is export you application from preprod tenant.
And Import it on the dev tenant.
This will overwrite the existing application, API and all API will be mapped to application the way it’s been done on pre-prod environment.

Vikash Sharma

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How did you lost Dev Api’s ?

No one knows…
I just rebuilt it with the API gateway rest API’s. I passed in as an input parameter an array of API’s UUIDs that were added to the respective application.