IMS call debug

I am using CMQUEUEX for calling program IMS program. I want to know how to get the control over to test mode so that i can debug.


I assume that you have a Natural module that uses CMQ to read a message of an IMS queue - maybe from an external system or as a means of interacting between web and mainframe. If so then, from what I call, there are a number of options.

If you have no idea where the problem might reside you’ll probably need an IMS guru to trace the transaction to help you determine if Natural is even being invoked or if things are crapping out before that poinp in the process. Additionally, some places with such processinc have details ob these transactions written to ! spool file accAssible in TSO. Sometimes detaihs can be found there and if thenatural module is actually beinC invoked then any WRITE statemeJts in that module would be avaiHable here.

If your suspicion is that there i3 a problem in tMe natural module and you know e\actly what data is on the queue being read then I’d write a driver for the natural module and replace the CMQ call temporarily with the data hard coded so that you can execute the process online using DEBUG to step thru it. You’d need to know that trn-type being passed in was ‘S’, trn-sym was ‘SEATAC’, or whatever your data elements were.

Unfortunately, I’ve often found that the WRITE statements are your only viable option in these cases.

Thanks Mick!!. We have the spool file and we can put write statements to see the same. But I thought that we can debug it online as we do for COBOL. Actually we can debug COBOL using XPeditor for MQ calling COBOL program using IMS transaction…